59% Aloe Vera Drink with pulp and honey CAN 320 ml

Grepo® Aloe Vera made from natural Aloe Vera juice, real pulp and honey, no added sugar or sweeteners.



Nature is the source of all the best qualities of Grepo® juice, which is why we acknowledge our responsibility towards public health and guarantee that we produce only high quality, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices and drinks. A wide variety of delicious drinks, manufactured with prime fruits, pasteurized, without any colorants or preservatives, not from concentrate to give the best quality and freshness.

All we do is squeeze the juice, pasteurize it, and pour it into our freshness protecting packaging.


Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera juice and pulp 51%, Honey 8%, Citric acid, Aloe Vera flavor, Gellan Gum.

NUTRITION FACTS (Serving sice 100ml)
Calories                                          36 kcal.
Fat                                                  0 g.
Sodium                                           25 mg.
Carbohydrates                               9 g.
Protein                                           0 g.