99% Sparkling Apple & Blackcurrant juice drink

CAN 250 ml

Just Boost Your Energy


The GREPO Juice Bomb is a sparkling energy juice drink, combining 99% squeezed juice, caffeine and taurine, with no added water or sugar.
An aromatic, enticing sip of cold-pressed sparkling juice, a GREPO Juice Bomb will not only slake your thirst, but can also become a refreshing moment during the day.


This delicious drink will help your body boost its energy!


Ingredients: Squeezed apple juice (63.26%), blackcurrant juice (36%), carbon dioxide, citric acid, ascorbic acid, taurine, caffeine, preservative (E202, E211), natural flavouring.


NUTRITION DECLARATION (Serving size 100ml).

Energy                                              45 kcal.

Fat                                                      0 g.

Carbohydrate                                 11,2 g.

Added sugars                                     0 g.

Protein                                                0 g.

Vitamin C                                      25 mg.

Caffeine                                          5 mg.

Taurine                                          20 mg.